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"SOS RESCUE CROSS" - The Emergency Identification Signal

Ambulances, fire brigades, aid organisations or police are immediately identifiable by their appearance, labels, symbols or sirens. However, a citizen in acute emergency does not have a symbol or signal that applies exclusively to him or her.
Through a lack of available solutions, the former rescue system has paid no attention to a clear visual or acoustic identification for the potential victim. The identification of emergency situations is left to pure chance. "Seconds, minutes can save a life or reduce consequential damages!" (AvD/DRF/ADAC).

By using the new “Personal Emergency Signal“, the SOS RESCUE CROSS (internationally protected trademarks) can initiate a quicker rescue. A sudden illness, aussault or accident can be identified by third parties earlier and more clearly. For this, the pioneer of the worldwide valid emergency signal for all people in acute distress, SOS R AG, has efficient product solutions.

In acute danger, SOS RESCUE CROSS is a partner everyone can depend on. Thus, it can consequentaly position itself at the top of the rescue chain- worldwide.

We have set up the need of a single and generally valid emergency
Communication system and have integrated the essential awareness into a cruciform SOS Rescue Cross Emergency Identification Signal- the first visual signal committed to 6 billion people worldwide.

Thus in reference, we have contrived an elaborate
platform of products based on visual and acoustic signals.

The SOS RESCUE CROSS is a humanitarian contribution from Switzerland and Germany, which in no way competes with established aid organisations. It will improve rescuers’ and society’s awareness and set itself as a major corporate task.